Teeter Hang Ups – What They Don’t Tell You About This Inversion Table That You Need To Know

Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables are taking the country by storm, as an alternative to relieving back pain along with stress and tension, by simply lying in an inverted position for just a few minutes each day. A Teeter Hang Ups inversion table is an easy exercise to perform, and most individuals who have used one claim to have received great benefit, some almost immediately.  So, are these claims true and can it really help you?  We investigate these claims in this detailed report.

An Ongoing Painful Problem With Your Backleaving pain sign

A large portion of the population suffers from severe to mild back pain on a daily basis. It is a serious enough problem for so many individuals that they need some type of coping mechanism to help live with their pain. While many seek out health professionals for the answer, typically the response is that they need to take heavy doses of prescription medication to relieve pain every day, which they find unacceptable.  Seeing a chiropractor or a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor (TCMD) is another.  These are good to a certain extent as many still feel the pain in between sessions and have no way to treat it effectively.

Only lately has a new alternative provided a possible solution, through the use of inversion tables that have been said to be effective at relieving stress, tension, and most importantly, back pain.  Typically, these inversion tables are not used by healthy individuals feeling no pain at all but rather those who already experience back pain.

A Form of Exercise Everyday

We often think of lifting heavy weights, walking on treadmills or writing a bicycle as an effective exercise to help improve the health of our body. While this form of exercise is wonderful and improving our health, they can at times add more stress and tension, and have a tendency to rip apart muscle tissue or cause further problems with our discs in the vertebrae. As a byproduct of having severe back pain, most people cannot exercise at all, which can result in weight gain that only exacerbates the problem.  People who have back pain use this machine regularly much like an exercise routine.

Created by Roger Teeter (yes, that’s his real name), this product is something many of its users swear by.  In order to determine whether this product has any merits, we have to first understand how it works.

What is Spinal Decompression

Teeter Hang Ups simply requires that you get on the table in an almost upright position and lock your feet (really your ankles) to the device. Once your ankles are firmly locked in position, you can simply lean backwards and the table will automatically begin to easily invert. Based on the type of model that you have, there is some type of mechanism that will stop the inversion at the predetermined position. You can set it to invert just a few degrees, 30°, 45°, or all the way down to 90° (straight up-and-down) vertical position.  It basically stretches your body naturally using the power of gravity.

Four Noted Benefits of Inversion Therapy

human spine
1. Rehydration of Vertebrae Discs

A major benefit of using a Teeter Hangups Inversion Table is the rehydration of your vertebrae discs. By inverting yourself, your spinal column automatically begins to decompress providing space between your vertebrae. This gives it the ability to rehydrate and in time will help prepare and heal much of the damage done through compression. Through continued use of the inversion table your spine will act as a better shock absorber and provide more flexibility in your movement.

“When I don’t use my inversion table on a daily basis I run the risk of having to walk around like an 80 year old man with a corn cob up his butt (my wife’s description) in severe pain.” – Joe Jazz, SaxOnTheWeb.net

2.  Spinal Realignment

Spinal realignment is another benefit. Through gravity, our bodies take on a weight-bearing stress that puts tremendous pressure on our bodies. Through decompression, and working in the opposite direction, gravity will naturally realign your spine.

“My wife got me a Teeter Hang Ups F9000 inversion table last October and I love it. I use it every day or two and I can really tell a difference.” – Redwood_Lenny, SaxOnTheWeb.net

“I sleep better and begin each morning with little or no back pain.” – Kevin Monroe, Amazon.com

3.  Reduce Nerve Pressure

The reduction of nerve pressure is a major benefit of spending time on your inversion table. Again, gravity works in opposite direction and relieves the pressure of pinched nerves that have been caused by standing, sitting, running or walking upright.

“I’ve had one for about 10 years. when my back is really messed up I will pull it out and hang for a few minutes. works every time.” – nuclearfishn, FloridaSportsman.com

4.  Increased Joint Flexibility

And finally, the ultimate benefit of spending time on your inversion table is the rejuvenating joint flexibility you will experience, along with a fuller range of motion.

Here’s What They Won’t Tell You In the Infomercial

Now with all the good things you’ve been reading here and perhaps elsewhere, I wondered just like yourself whether this product is really all that great.  The reviews seem to be very positive, so are there any downsides to this product?

Well, I found several things that I’d like to point out about this inversion table that you’ll want to know before deciding to buy.

Users stated that in order for rehydration to occur, it is important to drink lots of water.   This should be done so before and after the inversion exercise.

After you’ve been hanging at an angle for a few minutes and got all relaxed, you’ll need to unlock your ankles to get off the table.  This requires bending over and the very action of bending over to release yourself could introduce back pain again.  Upon further checking, I found that you can actually get a long handled shaft for your table from the company to help you with this process of getting off the Teeter inversion table.

Ease into your treatment slowly.  Depending on the pain levels you have, take it slow with both the incline and the time spent on the device.  Initially, you will find that your back pain may be the same or even greater during and after use of the table.  This is many cases is a normal experience for the few days.  But if pain persists during the inversion after a week, then it is strongly advised that you see a doctor for further investigation as the problem could be a lot worse than you thought.  If, however, you find a gradual (not immediate) decrease in pain levels over a few days, that’s a good sign it’s helping.

Nauseousness during use is normal for some.  The sudden rush of blood to the head may cause some to feel very strange and uncomfortable.  Like I said earlier, it is strongly advised to go slow until you acclimatize your body to this process.  Although we all want quick solutions, there’s really no hurry unless you want to shock your body unnecessarily.

The Teeter inversion table will not fix a bad or ruptured disc.   That’s not what this product does and if you do have a badly ruptured spinal disc, have it treated by a doctor first.  Surgery may be a dreadful process but it is a lot better than living with long-term pain.

Finally, inversion therapy works better on the lower back than the mid or upper back.  This is because lower back pain is usually caused by a decrease in the gaps between the affected discs of  the vertebrae.  Know what your problem is before you purchase this inversion table.

“I’ve had spinal fusion and it has been a lifesaver” – firebird454, ProfessionalMuscle.com

“I’ve had a Teeter Hangup table for 10 years now. I got it when the chiro recommended it to help my back. I had two vertebra rubbing in the back and pushing the disk out the front. Couldn’t front squat the bar without pain. After a few months on the table I front squatted 200 kg.” – nicocujo, ProfessionalMuscle.com

Other than the stated points above from my research, I found there was overwhelming evidence from back pain sufferers that this is a great product worth trying out.

Can You Realize Health Improvement Benefits Through Inversion Therapy?

Here are what other users say about the Teeter inversion table:

“I have the teeter hang ups and love it. I don’t use it every day but when I need to it seems to help my lower back” – Mxvet, SocialTrailRiders.org

“They are the best. I have their top of the line model and it works wonders.” – ajoyce, RedFlagDeals.com

“My posture improves and I do genuinely feel much better. “ – Saxaholic, SaxOnTheWeb.net

“Overall the unit is very sturdy, very good quality, and works well.” – Richel Mayberry, Amazon.com

“I own a Teeter and you would have to pry it from my cold, dead, hands.” – Echo 6 Sierra, PhysicsForums.com

The Teeter inversion table comes highly recommended to any individual looking to relieve their lower back pain, along with stress & tension on their joints and muscles.

Walking You Through the Process Of Getting One

Included with every Teeter Hang Ups inversion table is an instructional DVD that will guide you through both the assembly process, and how to use the table effectively. A second DVD contains all of the healthy back exercise routines you need that will help you accomplish the series of stretches and exercises to help warm up your spine before using table.

As with most popular products, knock-offs are everywhere to be found.  The problem quite a lot of people who purchased knock-offs is that they never really felt the same.  To make sure you avoid buying a knock-off item, it is suggested you purchase yours directly from the company’s official website.

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